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A keyguard and the Cherry compact keyboard G84-4100
The holes are positioned directly over the keys. The user can rest their hand on the keyguard and make a single key press. The keyguard is manufactured in steel with a wipe-clean surface. Held firmly in place with a strong velcro-like material which can be removed if necessary.


When you don't have much space and need to keep weight down as well you can't do better than this ultra-low-profile compact Cherry G84-4100 keyboard. 


This adjustable split keyboard allows the user to alter both the angle and height of the keyboard. It can be split into two separate sections up to 30º apart, allowing for a more natural forearm position while typing. If features independent, adjustable wrist supports and the height can be altered as desired.


Goldtouch M16 Split Adjustable Keyboard



The Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard offers compact and highly functional keyboard features that will prove to be a useful computer companion.

An elegantly designed black wireless keyboard that can travel with you, the lightweight Arc Wireless Keyboard can be easily turned off and on to save battery power. Its 2.4GHz wireless connection ensures lag-free operation even when playing intense games and its comfortable design reduces fatigue.


The most comfortable ergonomic keyboard on the market! We just made a great deal for this Microsoft Natural ergonomic keyboard. And we know you’re going to love it. This newest addition to the world’s best selling line of ergonomic keyboards features a natural wrist alignment that will make your day! Just one touch allows you to perform a wealth of common but important tasks such as opening documents and replying to e-mail. The Microsoft Natural Model 4000 ergonomic keyboard also features an improved number pad with easy-to-reach symbols such left and right, equal sign and back space placed just above the number pad.

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