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Fresnel A4 Sheet Magnifier


This magnifying ruler is made of pure optical plastic, it"s design also includes a red guideline and a handle for easier use. This magnifier provides 2.0 x magnification in the 160mm version and 1.5 x in the 200mm and 250mm versions. It is the perfect tool for reading and following lines of text.

Available in sizes of 160mm, 200mm and 250mm


Often found to be useful for visual dyslexics who have achieved a reading age of around 10 or above. This magnifier is also very useful for following line of print in directories etc.


The 1.7x Magnification Dome shaped Magnifier helps reduce pattern glare and concentrate vision on individual words and sentences with two semi-circular printed filters designed to concentrate the vision on the 7mm bright central viewing strip. This reduces the amount of information to the brain and improves contrast.


i-loview Portable Magnifier

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