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Scanning Pens



Scan books and magazines wherever you happen to be, thanks to the IRIScan Book 2 by Iris! No computer required!

This IRIScan Book 2 scanner runs on two AA alkaline batteries and scans in colour or black and white with 600 or 300 dpi resolution. The IRIScan Book 2 scanner has a capacity of 220 photos (based on a 1 GB microSD card) and a maximum scanning speed of 13 seconds for a high resolution colour A4 size document.  

And that's not all! The IRIScan Book 2 is compatible with PC and Mac and supplied with a comprehensive software package, including Readiris Pro 12 for turning PDF files into editable office documents.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS 10.4 or later


The IRISPen™ Express 7 is a full-featured text recognition pen scanner. It works just like a highlighter! Simply slide the digital pen over printed information from newspapers, magazines, books, letters, etc. and the text will instantly appear on your computer screen, right where your cursor is located!



5 Button Mouse incorprating a LED Scanner with 320dpi, It can scan up to A3 in real time and is small enough to carry with you.






The LiveScribe Echo SmartPen comes in 2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb sizes


Includes: Livescribe Echo Smartpen, Myscript Notes, Ink Cartridge Kit (4 Blue & 1 Red), A5 Notebooks (4 Pack) & A4 Notebooks (4 Pack)


  • Ink refills cartridges for your Pulse Smart Pen
  • 4 medium point black
  • 1 fine point red
  • Easy ink cartridge removal and insertion


The Quicktionary 2 Premium comes with over 30 downloadable language dictionaries - absolutely free! These enable users to scan full lines of text, receive instantaneous word-by-word translation and hear scanned English words pronounced aloud.



The Quicktionary TS Premium is a portable, multi-function, hand-held scanning translator with an easy to use touch-screen and icon-based menu.


The new Reading Pen TS Oxford is designed to help readers of all ages and abilities improve their English Reading Skills. This device is totally portable and reads words and definitions aloud giving the user the independence to read on their own.


The Reading Pen features the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, containing over 240,000 words and definitions, hundreds of new words and phrases. The Pen has a British digital voice which can turn any text into speech.

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