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Speech Recognition

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is enterprise-ready speech recognition software that lets users interact with PCs by voice - three times faster than typing - to drive productivity and cost savings.


Use Windows applications to create documents, send email, search the Web and more - just by talking. Customise the vocabulary and commands to reflect your terminology and workflow. Create macros to automate business processes. Use your iPhone or iPod as a wireless microphone or use Dragon with a digital voice recorder, anywhere, anytime for productivity on the go. Dragon Professional provides security features, configuration options and administrative tools for managing large user networks.

For Education Use Only – Confirmation Will Be Needed



Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional 

Increase your productivity, speed and accuracy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional. Ideal for busy corporate or education environments, this voice dictation software offers a 99% accuracy rate, and is three times faster than typing. 

You can carry out a range of tasks with the speech recognition software, including: 

  • Create spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel®
  • Create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Manage emails and meetings in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Search the web with Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox® or Google Chrome™
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter
  • Dictate, edit and format text with Microsoft® Word, OpenOffice™ Writer or Corel® WordPerfect®


MathTalk allows the user to voice any math from prealgebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, thru Ph.D. and graduate level. This includes voicing graphs! Operates Scientific Notebook™ (SN) with over 600,000 combinations of voice commands. SN is powered by MuPad™ and has GRAPHING capabilities. SN will also evaluate, evaluate numerically, factor, combine, expand, simplify, check equality, solve exact and more.

  • Build graphs
  • Evaluate expressions numerically
  • Factor terms and formulae
  • Combine and substitute terms
  • Expand formulae
  • Simplify equations
  • Check equalities
  • Solve expressions exactly


Increase the accuracy of Dragon or your favourite speech recognition dictionary with enhancements from Spellex. 


Just a few that VoxEnable will work with: EndNote, Inspiration, Mind Manager, Mind Jet, MindView, Adobe, Olympus, Zoom Text, Supernova, Lunar and MORE "Click" the title for full listing.

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