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Cysill is a program that identifies and corrects language errors in your Welsh-language documents.


Just like a human reviewer, Ginger Proofreader corrects spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences by comparing each sentence to billions of similar sentences from the web.


Global AutoCorrect is a computer program for people with dyslexia. It allows your ideas to flow by automatically correcting your spelling as you type in any program. It also acts as a learning tool, identifying your most common mistakes so that you can work on them in your own time.


Individual 'lifetime' licence to the Medincle software. 

Once purchase is complete you will receive an email containing a link to download and install the software. With each licence you will receive one years free tech support and update, with additional support able to be purchased for a small additional price.


Spelling words is not always the easiest of tasks, especially when considering the general complexity of the English language e.g. silent letters, homophones. Conventional programs, such as dictionaries or spellcheckers, require the person to spell a word correctly, or at least get most of the letters correct, and in some form of order. For a person with a learning difficulty, specific learning difficulty or someone who is trying to look up an unfamiliar word that may have a complex spelling, this can be both a difficult and daunting task. For some it can take ample amounts of time to find the correct spelling and even then not be entirely sure whether they have the correct word. For others it is an impossibility and instead a different word, or set of words, may be used which do not mean the same thing. This process of finding the spelling to a word can be time consuming and make a person lose their train of thought.


For Both Dictation and Writting, Chooes from three areas Medical, Legal and BioScientific. Click the title for more information.

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Spellex MacMedica is a handy all purpose spell checker that lets you quickly check the spelling of thousands of medical, bioscientific, and legal words while inside Mac Office 2011 and 2008. MacMedica installs as add-on using all of the Mac Office tools you have become accustomed to.


Now you can seamlessly add Spellex Industry Spell Checkers to Microsoft Office or Corel/WordPerfect. Spellex Spell Checker is a useful addition to your word processing software library, allowing users to verify unsure spelling of industry specific terminology.
Compatible with MS Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and Corel WordPerfect X7, X6, X5, X4, X3, 12, 11.


New and Improved Spellex Dictation Gold

The new Spellex Dictation Gold Suite includes specialty vocabularies, intelligent spell checking, word definitions, pronunciations, and more!

Spellex Dictation Gold Benefits include:

✔Seamless, error-free dictation in DragonTM.
✔Advanced spell checking to avoid disruptions.
✔Quick definitions for over 550,000 words.
✔Human voice Word Pronunciations.
✔Handy thesaurus for improved writing.
✔DysLexTM font for easier reading.

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The Best Way to Grammar-Check Your Texts
Comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and style checkers.

Multilingual Dictionary
Don’t let languages be a barrier! Now you can understand them all with one easy click!

Full-Text Translator
Translate full texts from any application in one click.


Whether installed on a single computer in school, at home, at work, or on all computers in an organization, users get the best of both worlds to address their unique challenges in reading and writing.

For many, learning to write and then learning to write well is a huge anxiety driver, enough so that students refrain from practicing to write altogether. If unaddressed, many business professionals will carry the same anxiety into the office when writing something as simple, but important, as an email. The combination of wordQ+speakQ enables all individuals to develop stronger reading, writing and proofreading habits.


Wordshark is a program to help with basic literacy. It combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. The games provide a multi-sensory approach to using sound, graphics and text to teach and reinforce reading and spelling.

Wordshark 4 includes courses to support the latest recommendations for a high quality phonic programme. Different games include blending sounds into words for reading and segmenting words into sounds, syllables, prefixes and suffixes for spelling. All common letter and auditory patterns are covered, also spelling rules, high frequency words, homophones, alphabet, dictionary skills and use of words in context.

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