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Typing Tutor Software

This fifth volume from Azabat contains four word puzzles: Word Search, Code words, Word tower, and Word Ladder.


KAZ (short for Keyboarding A to Z) is a British professional typing tutor, specially designed for use in schools and further education. Hundreds of schools around the world use KAZ to make it quick and easy for students of all ages from 6 to adult to learn to type. With it’s high quality interactive multimedia training and choice of text or audio instruction the KAZ Typing Tutor is also Special Needs enabled and is widely used for dyslexic students.

Available for both Windows and Mac


  • Learn essential keyboarding skills or improve overall typing efficiency,
  • 350 personalized lessons, exercises and tests


Building on the game concepts introduced by Nessy and Nessy Games Player, Nessy Fingers is a new touch typing program that helps children improve spelling and keyboard skills. Suitable for ages 8+.


Ten Thumbs is the award winning, easy and fun way to get typing. Learn the proper way to type without looking at the keys.


Typing Instructor Deluxe 17 will motivate you to improve your typing speed and accuracy using amazing graphics with exciting typing challenges. Typing Instructor can suggest the right lessons, tests, strengthening exercises, practice material, and typing games for your skill level.

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