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Visual Software

ClaroCapture V2 has improved the way text from Microsoft Word can be captured. Using a colour highlighting technique, highlights can be extracted from the whole Word document, or section of the document, depending the chosen highlighting method.


ClaroView is an innovative, easy to use software application that can assist certain PC users. It allows better viewing of the PC screen, with the potential to make browsing and reading easier. It can change the colour of the screen overlay the tint level can also be customised.


Reading is simpler with SaySo; relax and listen to your friends' emails, your favourite blog or the long report from the boss. SaySo highlights the words as they are spoken, focussing your and attention and building your understanding of the text.


What is SuperNova?

  • SuperNova is truly unique in its ability to provide independence to visually impaired people, irrespective of whether you are totally blind or have mild low vision.
  • SuperNova includes a full (no compromise) screen reader, specifically engineered to provide access to everyone irrespective of whether you are totally blind or partially sighted.
  • SuperNova boasts a fully featured screen magnifier complete with a flexible colour changer and a host of magnification styles and modes designed to make working, shopping or keeping in touch, easier on the eye.
  • SuperNova provides unrivalled support for the widest range of refreshable Braille displays on the market today.


Offering all the benefits of a screen magnifier, SuperNova Reader Magnifier also offers added speech output to provide extra support for partially sighted computer users.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier is ideal for people with low vision or deteriorating sight, at home, at work and in education.


One click and everything on screen is instantly magnified, effortlessly clear and always easy to see, thanks to SuperNova's unique True Font technology. Magnify as little or as much as you need, zoom in for crystal clear detail or simple enlarge and enlarge as your sight changes.

Perfect for people who are partially sighted or have low vision


Whether you are blind or sighted, Duxbury Braille software comes up as a standard modern application, fully accessible and fully in tune with the latest advances in operating systems and sister applications.

What does software for Braille do? 
Most people understand the basics about Braille - it provides a reading medium for blind people, using cells made up of raised dots in various patterns instead of the characters used in regular print. What many people do not realise, however, is that the cells-for characters substitutions are not, typically, on a one-for-one basis. The process is especially complicated in languages such as English and French where grade 2 Braille is used, involving contractions that are based in part upon pronunciation. 

Formatting of Braille pages also involves issues beyond those affecting print. The Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) provides translation and formatting facilities to automate the process of conversion from regular print to Braille (and vice versa) and also provides word-processing facilities for working directly in Braille as well as in print. Fonts are used for displaying the Braille.


Please note if you have windows Professional you will need Jaws Pro.




Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000. Kurzweil 1000 is a package which enables a visually impaired user to gain access to both electronic and printed material by speaking aloud text which has been scanned or copied; while Kurzweil 3000 is a tiered assistive reading, writing and learning medium aimed at students with learning disabilities or other disabilities that make reading or writing difficult.


ScreenRuler Suite V3 is a dynamic software package to assist with reading on the PC. Users can focus and track around a computer screen easily. Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility, students of any age and level of ability will benefit from this package.


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