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Hearing Aids

Designed and manufactured by Comfort Audio, the Comfort Contego is a unique, easy to use FM Radio Aid designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound for hearing aid wearers and hard of hearing people.

In the Box:

Transmitter and receiver, Neckloop, Earbuds, Headphones, Battery charger, Sound connection kit for TV, radio, PC etc and a Small stylish carry case.



Easy Listening... and simple to use Introducing The Conversor Pro - an affordable assistive listening device that offers users the versatility to enjoy the most out of everyday life.


Phonak Roger Pen transmitter and two Roger X receivers


The Sci-Plus is the only large display calculator that allows people with low vision to perform scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations. The Sci-Plus comes with an universal recharger and an adapter plug for your country. Additional country specific plugs are available on request. 
The Sci Plus comes with large print owners manual. The Sci-Plus is available in 5 colors to improve keyboard visibility: ruby red, blueberry, cash silver, bumblebee yellow and lime green. 

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