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Learning Labs

Corurse Long (5 years) subscription to the complete Learning Labs package including:

• Assistive Technology Tutorials where you can learn by Doing, Reading or Watching
• NEW - Office 365 Tutorials
• NEW - Skills Booster Videos
• NEW - Freeware Application Links
• NEW - Trainer Recommendation System
• NEW - Learning Rewards
• NEW - Automatic Updates


Learning Labs: An AT e-Learning Portal

Learning Labs is an e-learning portal that has been designed to complement one-to-one assistive technology training.

AT Training and e-Learning Working Together

Learning Labs teaches the learner how to use all of their recommended assistive software with online, bite-sized tutorials. Assistive technology trainers can also use the portal to tag relevant Labs for the learner during their one-to-one training sessions, as well as looking at the various software programme features together, step-by-step.

Tutorials Covering all Leading AT Software and Hardware

The bite-sized tutorials, or ‘Labs,’ cover how to use every feature of all of the leading assistive software and hardware, in all the latest versions. New Labs are added regularly and are all automatically updated in the portal.

Interactive e-Learning

Every Lab is available to learn in a choice of three learning styles; reading, watching or doing. These are easy-to-read text guides, video tutorials for visual and multisensory learners and interactive ‘Do’ Labs for kinaesthetic learners.  

Continued AT Learning for the Duration of Study

Learners can access the portal by logging in online, making this support available to them in any place that has WiFi, at any time of day or night, and in any of the three learning styles.

Learning Labs is like the interactive textbook the learner can carry with them throughout their time in higher education, even after their one-to-one training has ended.



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