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Irispen Executive 7 Pen Scanner Product Description

Seamless scanning & accurate recognition

Simply slide the IRISPen over printed text or numbers from newspapers, magazines, invoices, faxes, letters, etc. and the text will automatically be retyped in your computer using I.R.I.S.' embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Even signatures or small graphics can be scanned with the digital highlighter.

Works with any application

Simply place your cursor into any application, and the scanned text, numbers or images will automatically appear at the cursor position. It doesn't matter if you use Word, Excel, or any other text editing application or web-based editor. If you can type it in, the IRISPen will also be able to handle it for you!

Translates in over 40 languages

The provided software features an integrated translation functionality for over 40 languages. Simply select the language you would like to translate into, slide the pen over your paper document and the translation will appear right where your cursor is blinking in a matter of seconds.

You scan, it reads out loud!

The IRISPen™ comes with a smart voice synthesis that lets you listen to anything you scan in 40 different languages. Ideal if you are looking to perfect your pronunciation a foreign language, it will also help you to scan continuously without having to look at your screen to check if it matches the original document.

Barcode CMC7 & BVR recognition

To improve your productivity, the digital highlighter can be turned into a reliable and cost-effective barcode scanner. If you need quick access to data from any barcoded material, the pen scanner is the perfect tool.

Comfortable and super-fast scanning

The IRISPen 7 is the worthy successor of a 20-year-old line of I.R.I.S. digital pen scanners:
- The embedded OCR engine powered by I.R.I.S.' latest technology makes it more accurate than ever before
- The new scanner's optical lens makes it much faster than other handheld scanners
- The new hardware's ergonomic shape makes it lighter and more comfortable to use

Multilingual solution

Thanks to I.R.I.S.' embedded OCR engine you will be able to scan and recognize text in over 130 different languages including complicated alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian (full list here).


Iriscan Book 3 Page Scanner 


Handheld scanner ideal to scan pages from books and magazines





  • Cordless, battery-powered and very lightweight. Carry it anywhere!
  • Ideal to scan books, magazines & newspapers.
  • 300/600/900 dpi scanning résolutions.
  • Only 3 seconds to scan a document (A4, 300 dpi, color)
  • JPEG and PDF output formats.
  • Save scans onto the 2GB MicroSD™ card included.
  • Supports MicroSD™/ MicroSDHC™ cards up to 32GB.
  • 3 x AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Box languages Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


5 Button Mouse incorprating a LED Scanner with 320dpi, It can scan up to A3 in real time and is small enough to carry with you.






2GB Echo™ smartpen

SKU: APX-00008-02


Save notes & pencasts directly to your computer

  • Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes.
  • Replay audio directly from paper by tapping on your notes
  • Echo Desktop software allows you to save, organize and play back interactive notes from your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Share notes and pencasts as images.


  • Mac or Windows computer that meets system requirements.


Includes: Livescribe Echo Smartpen 2GB, Deluxe Carry Case, A4 Pads, A5 Pads, Refills Black and Red and MyScript.


  • Ink refills cartridges for your Pulse Smart Pen
  • 4 medium point black
  • 1 fine point red
  • Easy ink cartridge removal and insertion


The Quicktionary 2 Premium comes with over 30 downloadable language dictionaries - absolutely free! These enable users to scan full lines of text, receive instantaneous word-by-word translation and hear scanned English words pronounced aloud.


The InfoScan TS makes digital note taking easier than using a standard highlighter!

Roll the InfoScan TS across printed text* to instantly recognize and store more than 500 pages of text, or scan directly to any Windows based application. Use the new on-screen, touch keyboard to edit or add text of your own. Scans and recognizes English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. View stored information on the integrated LCD display and easily transfer data to any PC via standard USB.

*InfoScan TS scans and recognizes printed text in a wide range of, font types and point sizes (6-22 points up to 8mm) and in a variety of colors on contrasting backgrounds (except red on white, white on red, blue on black and black on blue). Does not recognize handwriting, cursive fonts, mathematical symbols or other profession specific signs.


The Quicktionary 2 Premium (aso known as the SuperPen) is a hand-held text scanner and language translator.

Scan and Translate: The Quicktionary 2 Premium comes with over 30 downloadable language dictionaries - absolutely free! These enable users to scan full lines of text, receive instantaneous word-by-word translation and hear scanned English words pronounced aloud. By changing dictionaries as needed, users easily become fluent anywhere in the world. Integrated Text-to-Speech technology enables users to pronounce new English words with confidence. These and other Quicktionary 2 Premium Voice features have made this product the reading tool of choice for students and travellers alike. 

Scan, Store and Transfer: This function enables users, on the go, to capture essential printed data anytime, anywhere. The product can store over 1,000 pages of printed text, to be transferred to a PC. Users working with their computer can scan printed text directly to an archive cursor point. Collected data can be transferred to any Windows based applications seamlessly.


The Reading Pen features the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, containing over 240,000 words and definitions, hundreds of new words and phrases. The Pen has a British digital voice which can turn any text into speech.


The new Reading Pen TS Oxford is designed to help readers of all ages and abilities improve their English Reading Skills. This device is totally portable and reads words and definitions aloud giving the user the independence to read on their own.

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