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The Franklin DMQ-220 is packed with so many features: The Collins Desk top plus dictionary contains over 340,000 words and definitions. The Collins Concise Thesaurus has over 250,000 synonyms and antonyms and the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia contains more than 25,000 articles ranging from history to popular culture. Quotations from the Collins Thesaurus A-Z Complete and Unabridged - Specially selected to add sparkle, interest and humour and give users instant access to the wit and wisdom of centuries. Over 3,500 quotations.


The Franklin DMQ-570 Electronic Dictionary includes over 250,000 words, phrases, definitions and inflections. It also comes with a 500,000 synonym Thesaurus. This model features a stylish new case, with large clear keys and a magnetic lid with strong durable hinges. The Collins English Dictionary is the most up-to-date and information packed dictionary available. With spelling, grammar and pronunciation help, this Dictionary gives you all the everyday words you need-at your fingertips.


Handheld spell checking solutions. Spellex spell checking in the palm of your hand!

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