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Important Message for Needs Assessors and Students:

Dragon for Mac Discontinued – Invate Offers Solution

Dragon Professional Individual for Apple Mac users has been discontinued as of Monday 22nd October. This means there will be no further sales of the software, but anyone who already owns version 6 with an on-going licence will be able to keep using it.

Please also bear in mind that Nuance (Dragon’s publisher) will no longer be providing updates for the Dragon for Mac software. Whilst customers will be able to receive telephone support with Nuance for up to 180 days from activation across Europe, it is likely that a future upgrade of the Apple operating system may cause the current Dragon for Mac software to cease to be compatible. In these cases, we will not be able to provide a solution under our current support arrangement.

Dragon products still available

Dragon Professional Individual for Windows is still available, as is Dragon Anywhere for Android and iOS.

Dragon for Mac Orders in Process

Invate will be honouring any orders in process whilst stock lasts. Once our stock is depleted the Invate team will be in touch with any assessment centre that has requested a Dragon for Mac quote to discuss either removing Dragon from the order or an alternative solution as detailed below.

As an alternative, Invate is offering a solution where Mac users can still use Dragon at an additional charge. If the Apple computer was recommended as part of the needs assessment then a revised quote could be provided to the needs assessor for review by the funding body. If the student is requesting an upgrade to an Apple computer, the charge would be identified as part of the upgrade price for the student. If the decision is made by either the assessor or student to not require the alternative solution then Dragon will be removed from the order and the student will be advised to use the in-built features within the Mac operating system for dictation.

The Invate solution for continued Dragon use on Mac

If a student still requires an Apple Mac with Dragon, Invate can dual boot a Mac system so that it can still run the Windows version of Dragon. This involves activating the Bootcamp function on the Mac system and installing Windows 10.

If this is the student’s own system (software only order) it must have at least 200GB of disk space available. Dual booting a Mac is not something which can be done remotely, therefore Invate will need to collect the student’s Mac and carry out the dual boot and installation at our headquarters.

For new Mac systems, the dual boot and installation can be carried out at the point of build, and our Delivery Engineer will show the student how to access this during the set up.

Invate Customer Support

The Invate solution for Dragon use on a Mac is designed to allow students to upgrade the system, and allow assessors to recommend Mac systems and still have the use of Dragon, when necessary.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our support team at justask@invate.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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