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Accessibility is a constantly developing area of technology and is also increasingly required as part of European Law. At Invate we are proud to be on the crest of this wave, regularly going beyond what is suggested by the likes of the Web Accessibility Initiative, (WAI), and World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C).

If you manage to spot something we have missed please contact our Accessibility team accessibility@invate.co.uk and they will be more than happy to help.

In some instances the specific accessibility needs of some disabled user groups may require us to create new or repurposed editorial content. Wherever appropriate, Invate will create the required media so that we become more inclusive to a wider digital audience.

Ensuring Compatibility

We strongly recommend that every user who accesses the internet has the most up-to-date internet browser of their choice. This is to keep both security and accessibility as robust as possible. The three Invate recommends are:

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Apple Safari


Mozilla Firefox


How We Created invate.co.uk

We have tried our best to make every part of the website W3C-AAA compliant, where this is not possible we have ensured that at least W3C-AA has been reached. Sometimes W3C-AAA is not possible because technology has not reached the point where specific features are fully accessible, in situations like this we always make sure the solution is as flexible as possible.

Accessibility Features at invate.co.uk – What We Do: Why It helps

Within our site there are features you may or may not be familiar with; these can dramatically assist you with access to our site and its contents. These features help both people with and without impairments. We call this What we do: Why it helps!




What We Do

Why It Helps

Change the Text Size

If you find it easier to view or read large font text you can do this using the Recite tool at the top of our website. Simply click on 'Toggle Plain Text' and then increase or decrease the font size to whatever is best suited for you.

High Contrast

You can change the website to be in any type of high contrast by using recite. Click on the Recite logo, then select Toggle Plain Text, and you have the freedom to the background colour and font colour to any format that is best suitable for you. Maybe a black background with yellow text is best for you, or maybe white text, or magenta, or a jade background. In fact you can use any type of combination you wish. Depending upon your browser type, with Recite, you can have up to 256 trillion different colour combinations... but we don't suggest you try them all!

Enabling Cookies

If you have cookies enabled, (little bits of code that allow your computer to remember your personal settings), any settings you make to recite will be saved for the next time you login to our website.

We are 100% WCAG AA compliant and AAA where possible

We follow the highest standards of web accessibility so that you can be sure your specialist software will work as it should with our website


Our site is designed to XHTML 1.0

Screen Readers need this functionality to understand the layout of websites

If you are interested in the WCAG standards you can find out more by visiting http://www.w3.org/WAI/

Keeping it simple - for those needing a simpler view of the site, the Text only link at the top of the page provides access to minimal version of the site, including larger text, a simpler layout and higher contrast.

Screen Readers - three Skip links are provided for screen readers to skip straight to the different levels of navigation and directly to the content from the top of the page. For modern versions of screen readers you can browse through pages heading by heading. The following are the default shortcuts:

We aim to meet W3C standards to improve the accessibility of the site. W3C - or the World Wide Web Consortium - is an international body established to develop interoperable technologies for the web.

We take accessibility seriously and know that simply adhering to standards is only part of the solution. We are ultimately looking to provide you with the best possible service, and this will involve us keeping abreast of the published standards and legal requirements, as well as your real accessibility needs.

Standards we adhere to include:

XHTML - the language used to create web pages on the Internet. This is an XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) compliant reworking of HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language).

CSS – this stands for cascading style sheets and is a language which allows presentation styles to be attached to structured HTML and XHTML documents.

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) version 2 this was published in 2008 and provides three levels of guidelines for assisting in building accessible website.

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