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This innovative piece of software enables you to make better notes through audio recording. Get help with navigating, annotating and organising your notes and audio files. Edit and export your recording to your portable audio device or notes to Microsoft Word all in a few simple steps.



Get help with navigating, annotating and organising your notes and audio files and then export your recording and notes to Microsoft Word or a portable audio device.

Audio voice recordings can provide a valuable tool when taking and revising notes of lectures, interviews or meetings, but re-listening and deciphering long digital recordings afterwards is a difficult task. Audio Notetaker provides you with a visual representation of your recording, enabling you to navigate and edit your recording with a few simple keystrokes while adding text and images.

With its combined audio, text and images view, Audio Notetaker enables students, researchers and professionals to collate and structure all their notes and reference materials in one application. Students are able to annotate materials with audio, colour or text while the advanced file-management tools make it easy to find and review material for revision and assignments.

New Features for v2:

Live Note-taking: record directly on to your laptop via Audio Notetaker. Add keywords, highlight key points using colour markers and annotation tools or break up notes into sections in real time.

New image pane: display PowerPoint slides and images alongside your audio recordings.

Improved audio and notes file manager: manage recording from your digital recorder through to reviewing your notes using the improved file management tools. Use the metadata and search tools to organise and locate the information you are after.

New full-screen mode: review your recordings and notes in the new full screen mode.

Improved Export Tools: Audio Notetaker’s powerful “Save to Album” feature has been enhanced to incorporate images so that students listening to their edited recordings on portable devices (such as an iPod or MP3 player) can view the related images or slides.

New integrated file format: saves your audio with your images and text, making it easier to share your files with friends and colleagues.


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