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ClaroRead is a highly effective multi-sensory software solution for supporting individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility, users of any age and level of ability will have a world of information unlocked through ClaroRead.

Difference Between ClaroRead Plus, Standard and Premium


ClaroRead V5 is available in three versions — ClaroRead Standard, ClaroRead Plus and ClaroRead Premium.

The Plus version has all the Standard features but also converts scanned documents and PDF image files into text using the integrated OmniPage 16 Scan and OCR engine, echoes text dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software (not supplied within the package).

Each version of ClaroRead V5 for PC contains 8 RealSpeak voices. This includes British England Daniel and Serena, American English Tom, Australian Karen and Lee, Indian English Sangeeta, Irish English Moira and Scottish English Fiona.

usbClaroRead Premium is a bundle of ClaroRead Plus DVD and the portable ClaroRead Standard USB memory stick. Runs directly from the memory stick on any PC — no files will be installed. It also includes the NEW Exporter feature


ClaroRead V5 Features and Benefits

Text to Speech features, Word Integration, Colour, Font & Spacing, Homophones, Dictionary, Word Prediction, Scan Paper & PDF, ScreenRuler, Claroview, USB option, Works with Vista.


What's New in ClaroRead V5.5?


New For V5.5 - Definition Tooltip

The Speaking Dictionary feature in ClaroRead V5.5 enables users to get a definition tooltip simply by holding down the control key and hovering the mouse cursor over the chosen word. The definitions tooltip will show English dictionary definitions as well as a Google lookup button, if further information is required.     

New For V5.5 - Check Anywhere

The Check Anywhere feature can spell check any text in any application, whether a web page or PC application. To use the feature, highlight the chosen text and click on the Check button on the ClaroRead Toolbar. To see this feature in action watch the video below (Please note that this feature requires Microsoft Word to operate).            

New For V5.5 - ClaroUP

ClaroUP is the new software update mechanism. ClaroUP will automatically check for updates to any of the Claro Software product range and will notify users when a new patch or update is available for any of the software.

Updated For V5.5 - ClaroCapture V2

ClaroCapture V2 has been fully updated with improved image and screen capturing features.

Updated For V5.5 - Advanced Settings Editor

The Advanced Settings Editor has been improved for V5.5, allowing the settings to be saved and restored. This is helpful when moving PC's or distributing a custom prediction dictionary.

Updated For V5.5 - Word Prediction

Word Prediction in ClaroRead V5.5 is greater than ever, with the software now learning as the words are typed in Word. This gives greater speed and accuracy when using Word Prediction.

Updated For V5.5 - Prediction Training

The Prediction Training mechanism in the Advanced Setting Editor is much faster allowing for greater ease of use. The mechanism also includes word counts, the ability to rename and delete prediction dictionaries, export word lists and to turn off spell check when adding words.

Updated For V5.5 - Scan2Text

Now includes the latest Scan2Text Omnipage engine V16.3, giving greater accuracy and reliability.


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