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Read&Write literacy software solutions for the Desktop, Cloud, and iPad help struggling readers and writers, students with learning disabilities, and English Language Learners access the support tools they need at school, work, or home. Read&Write ensures every learner has the tools necessary to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed.


Perfect for all ages and abilities - schools, colleges, and universities choose Read&Write to provide powerful support features to their students while corporations and individuals choose it for use at home and in the workplace.



Availble in the following versions:

  • Read&Write Standard
  • Read&Write Gold
  • Read&Write Gold Mobile
  • Read&Write Gold - DSA Version
  • Read&Write Gold Mobile DSA Version

TextHELP Read&Write is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading assistive technology software applications for people with a literacy impairment. textHELP is designed to support users of all ages who need extra assistance when writing or reading text; hence the name. The assistive software package is crammed full of useful tools to support people with a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

TextHELP consists of a simple toolbar that ‘floats’ on top of any open application. It integrates seamlessly with the most common Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer, so the user can quickly access it when necessary.


Toolbar image


The toolbar is used to access all of the great features of textHELP.


If you are new to textHELP you will need to know that textHELP Read&Write comes in the following versions:


textHELP Read&Write Standard – a value option when only some of the features are needed

textHELP Read&Write Gold – the full feature packed version of textHELP

textHELP Read&Write Gold Mobile – textHELP on a USB so the user can take it where they need it and use on multiple PC’s

textHELP Read&Write for Mac – a Mac compatible version with some features removed


Let see what textHELP Read&Write has to offer:


Text to Speech

A simple and, most importantly, an accurate way to read documents. Great for dyslexia or similar literacy impairments.

Phonetic Spellchecker

Not only a spell checker but Read&Write also provides the meanings of words as well as correct spellings so you know you have the correct word.

Homophone Checker

Course; Cause; Corse. There; They’re; Their. Homophones are even more challenging for people with a literacy impairment. textHELP’s homophone checker is the solution.

Word Prediction

Develop writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease. As the user types, suggestions appear. Not only that, but the system learns over time and improves predictions!

Web Highlighting

Read any website, intranet or VLE, (Virtual Learning Environment), watching as words are highlighted when spoken.

DAISY Reader

Listen and read to DIASY books with textHELP.

Advanced and Unique Super-Dictionary

A dictionary with enhanced definitions available in basic and advanced modes for users of all ages. Example sentences and a huge database with accurate identification of misspelled words. 

Word Wizard

A dedicated thesaurus when lost for words, increasing vocabulary and helping support people to find that word on the tip of their tongue.


With 1-Click scanning you can scan any document, or even image, and then drop the text into MS Word, a webpage or a pdf.

Screenshot Reader

Unbelievably you can read text from an image! Such as locked PDF’s or flash based websites. Even some online exams are inaccessible, but not when you have textHELP at your fingertips.

Screen Masking

We are all aware that coloured backgrounds can help people with dyslexia. Read&Write takes this to the next stage!

Study Skills Toolbar

A great tool which often turns out to be an electronic compliment to a students’ existing coping strategies.


Speech Maker


PDF Aloud

Research Tools

Speech Input


Text to Speech

Designed with education in mind, as well as simplicity, Read&Write comes with ‘Tim’ and ‘Tina’ voices to give the user the best listening experience. The assistive software will read text aloud from website, PDF documents, images, Word documents and any text on screen. The text to speech feature can even be customised to read by word, sentence or paragraph as well as reading out what the user types as they type it. Text to speech can even read menu’s and icons.


All of this is excellent at reinforcing word recognition as well as learning the written word. Realspeak provides the most human sounding voices and words are highlighted as they are spoken. You can even change the colour of this highlighting.




Text to speech benefits the user because literacy difficulties, such as dyslexia, cause people to experience major problems when reading. textHELP Read & Write reduces these barriers whilst simultaneously supporting the user to overcome them, as every piece of text, from word to paragraph can be speech enabled.


Users who do not have English as their primary language also benefit hugely from this feature. English as an Additional Language, EAL, has become important to schools and speech to text is a great tool for users to see words and hear them spoken.




Phonetic Spellchecker

This is a new and improved phonetic spellchecker which can spot and correct more mistakes than ever before. You can choose to spell check as you type or once your document is complete. Colour coding helps the user identify the incorrectly spelt word




Brilliant for teachers Read&Write holds a spelling log so the parent or educator can monitor the users progress. Recent developments mean that textHELP has improved accuracy in suggesting the correct word.


As the user works with the program textHELP will learn how they write and improve the way it supports them. This artificial intelligence is what makes textHELP the world’s leading literacy assistive software tool.


Homophone Checker

Read&Write has a ‘Sounds-Like’ feature to give the user the chance to change words used in the wrong context. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Not only will the user benefit from definitions, examples and automatic identification of a homophone they can also listen to the audibly, in same sentences.




textHELP repeatedly comes out as having the best homophone database of all literacy impairment educational software. The user benefits from a greater understanding of homophones, which is often extremely difficult for people with dyslexia to understand. The user can highlight all homophones in a document for super quick support.


Word Prediction

As the User types, a list of suggestions will appear in the Prediction Panel. Subject specific or industry related vocabulary can be added to the prediction database to enhance the User experience. The Read&Write 9 Word Predictor learns the User's style of writing and predicts the word they want to use next. textHELP’s prediction database has been enhanced with many more new words, and improvements have been made to the speed of processing and suggestion accuracy.


To increase relevance, context-specific files such as Arts, Beliefs and Books can be selected. The dictionary can also be edited to add or remove specific words to better suit their requirements.




Word prediction helps to prevent users becoming stuck mid-sentence for the right words or lose them altogether. For people with a small vocabulary or someone learning English as an additional language this is particularly helpful.


Web Highlighting

The Web highlighting feature of Read&Write 9allows the User to follow the highlighted word as it is spoken. This is of particular use for Users with literacy difficulties or visual impairments when accessing information online and it also aids the User's concentration and comprehension.


We all know the power of the web. textHELP can give access to this wonderful resource to people who would otherwise struggle. It’s vital the people of all abilities can gain access to the internet and all of it’s resources. You can even read images, (more of that to come later!!!).

Make the web TALK


DAISY Reader

The DAISY Standard for Digital Accessible Documents is an open worldwide specification that revolutionises the reading experience for people who are blind or print disabled. The Read&Write 9 software contains Daisy Reading technology and allows Users to read their Daisy Books while working within the Read&Write program. The Daisy Reader now supports protected daisy books issued by the RFB&D.


Dual colour highlighting allows Users with learning difficulties such as dyslexia to follow each word on the screen as it is spoken. It is also possible to bookmark sections of pertinent text


Advanced and Unique Super-Dictionary

The Read&Write 9 GOLD dictionary has been enhanced to include more words and improved definitions. Each word in the dictionary has a description and a sample sentence, all of which can be spoken aloud.


Example sentences allow the user to fully understand the word and its meaning, providing confidence and an educational aspect to their writing style. Basic or advances modes mean users can recieve the support that they need at a level that supports them, as well as allowing the program to grow as they do. Perfect for schools with children of all ages and abilities.

The definition and sample sentences can be of benefit to ESL (English as a Second Language) Users, as they are able to hear the word, its definition, and how it could be used in conversation. These features assist the learning process as they provide unparalleled support and reinforcement.


Word Wizard

The Read&Write 9 Word Wizard acts as a thesaurus for those times when you are "lost for words". It takes you from the word you know to the word you want. The Word Wizard provides a great choice of alternative words and provides a list of linking words. Each of the descriptions and sample sentences can be read by Read&Write 9 to help find the word to use.

This feature increases vocabulary, understanding and efficiency.


Read&Write 9 GOLD provides those who suffer from literacy difficulties with an interactive thesaurus allowing them to develop and build their vocabulary every time the program is used. A User who utilises the Word Wizard will see their vocabulary grow and will be able to produce reports or documents with words that are contextually accurate.

The development of the User's vocabulary will result in an increased confidence in their own ability to select and use words effectively. This is likely to result in a higher standard of work.


Use textHELP’s 1-click to scan any document into text. You can even have textHELP scan an image with text on it and have this read out loud once it’s scanned. Once text and graphics are scanned into MS Word, the User may edit the document. This is ideal for note-taking and revision. GCSE and A Level exams can also be scanned into the software to assist students with dyslexia, in fact you can produce any printed material in a accessible format for people with a literacy impairment.

ext and images may also be scanned into HTML allowing the User to apply "style sheets" so that regardless of the original scanned document, the software will display in their preferred style with colours, font type and font size. This is extremely useful for those with visual impairments.


Being able to scan any document into the program helps those with literacy difficulties by transferring information into a format with which they are comfortable. This feature is of great assistance to those who suffer from literacy difficulties as they are able to decipher information that would have otherwise been inaccessible. The information is made accessible through the use of features such as dual colour highlighting and speech feedback.

The scanning feature can be used in any number of ways, for example to scan an article from a magazine or textbook into the program and output it to formats such as PDF or HTML.

Screenshot Reader

The Screenshot Reader in Read&Write 9 GOLD allows words to be read even when they are from inaccessible text, such as 'locked' PDF documents or inaccessible Flash. Examination boards frequently use inaccessible Flash for online exams. For instance, the City and Guilds GOLA exams are written in Flash. Read&Write 9 GOLD will read this text.


Previously, text in such programs as Inaccessible Flash and "Locked" PDF documents have been inaccessible to those needing to use assistive technology to read. The Screenshot Reader is the first to remove the barriers inherent in such programs. This means that previously inaccessible text is now accessible.

Ehab Hermena, Student....

"The hottest feature of this software has to be the Screenshot Reader! I cannot begin to describe how delighted I was to discover it... it will save me hours of time and bags of money for printing, scanning, and editing locked PDF files!"


Screen Masking

Visual impairments commonly associated with dyslexia can be aided by coloured acetates or tinting.

Screen masking, the ability to block out any text you are not reading, is also available on Read&Write 9 GOLD as a valuable concentration aid, while a spotlight can be turned on to focus on a paragraph or sentence.

Other options include:

  • Tint my whole screen
  • Tint the window I am typing in
  • Tint the line I am typing on
  • Tint everything except the line I am typing on
  • Underline the line I'm typing on
  • Underline my mouse point

The transparency of the underline and tinting can be adjusted to suit the User's needs, while the colours can be defined.


Frequently those with dyslexia may also suffer from Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. It is believed that this effects approximately 12% of the population.

Read&Write 9 GOLD's screen masking will assist those who experience light sensitivity (glare from the screen), contrast problems (bold black text on a white background) and restricted field (losing focus and tracking of words). The underlining features will help the User keep track of where they are on the page.


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