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Brain in Hand University Edition (DSA Support Package)




Brain in Hand is a unique support system. Originally developed by the Clinical Director of the Southampton Autism Diagnostic Research Centre, Brain in Hand is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the award-winning system has been independently proven to help reduce anxiety and improve independence. It includes three main parts – Personal planning, digital self-management tools, responder support team.

Brain in Hand is about keeping the day on track. It is a professional digital support system which combines personal planning, software, mobile application and a human responder service. It enables people to develop personalised coping strategies and access these pre-planned solutions wherever and whenever via a smartphone, tablet or PC. It helps with planning, and organising an individuals time as well as being able to monitor and view their progress. Individuals can monitor their moods and request help from non-medical responders via their chosen method of communication when they need a little extra help.

Personal plan Over one or two sessions, one of Brain in Hand Specialists will work with individuals to set-up the Brain in Hand software system in the way that’s best suited to the individuals needs in their own language. They will work to identify practical solutions that will help individuals to overcome the challenges they face in day to day life and achieve thier goals.

Self-management Digital tools accessed via mobile, users can quickly find their best coping strategies for issues that cause them problems, access their diary, receive prompts for things they need to remember, and use our in-built anxiety monitor.

Responder support team What sets Brain in Hand apart is the team of professionals who support users. They keep an eye on users anxiety monitor and get in touch when an individual needs extra help by text or a call; helping them to solve problems that initially they can’t fix themselves.




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