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e-Quality Learning: Personalised AT Training

Founded by a former DSA student in 2010, e-Quality Learning is the UK’s first-choice assistive technology training provider that offers personalised training programmes.

The eQL Way

At e-Quality Learning we have a learner-centric ethos. This means maintaining high standards by measuring everything we do and practicing a consistent process of improvement, something we have always done since we launched in 2010.

There are four areas of our ethos;

  • Quality
  • Effective
  • Personalised
  • Flexibile

We call this ethos ‘The eQL Way’.

Learner Centric Training

e-Quality Learning focuses on learner-centric training. Our trainers get to know each student, listening and understanding how their disabilities can affect their learning.

They also discuss learning styles to understand whether a learner is more receptive to kinaesthetic, audio or visual learning.

This helps the trainer to create a tailored training programme, that is designed to meet the individual’s needs.




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